037 Virtual Assistant Podcast – Part 1 of 2 – Greatest Fears People Face When They Consider Hiring A Virtual Assistant

by admin on December 23, 2010

This is episode is part 1 of 2 where I address the most common fears that people have when they consider hiring a Virtual Assistant. Below are the fears that people have expressed that I address in this episode:

– Paying for a virtual assistant.

– Having to re-do the work myself because the quality would not be what I would do myself

– Not using him/her for all the time I paid for.

– Not using my extra time to make more money to turn a profit and also pay for the assistant (i.e., working just to pay the assistant).

– Finding a VA with the requisite skills.

– Will they be responsive to e-mails and communicate regularly? (Every VA I’ve fired — 3 or 4 — have all been fired for being unreachable or unwilling to maintain regular contact…. never because they couldn’t do the job.)

– Will they adhere to deadlines?

– Having enough work for them to do or being able to explain exactly what you want and having them deliver it as well as you could do it.

-It also seems like the overhead of writing a description/instructions for some tasks might take longer than doing the task myself.

– As a small business person and entrepreneur, productivity and profitability are king. I think one of the biggest fears we have is that the time effort and money invested won’t pay off. It seems like a big effort to train someone and bring them up to speed.

– I worry I won’t have enough for him or her to do and that in the time I’ll have to take explaining everything I could’ve just done it myself, and done it better.

– That they’ll do it wrong, which will only frustrate and stress me out, not to mention misrepresent me.

– I will spend the time training them and they will leave.

– I hire virtual assistants to perform administrative tasks, but my biggest fear is hirng a V.A. to perform bookkeeping tasks. It’s something that I need, but I’m very reluctant to pass this along to anyone for fear of someone getting access to my account information.

– Hey Cliff, as an insurance agent (like you were in your former life), I’d really have to put some thoughts into what work assignments I could give them and not violate any of my state’s insurance licensing laws. All of our personnel that work with our clients are properly licensed. Not saying it couldn’t be done, would just have to be careful. You might have some unique insight into that since you are a former insurance agent and now use a virtual assistant.

-Another thought that comes to my mind immediately with a virtual assistant (or anyone on your payroll not working on your premises) would be the always subtle but recurring thought, am I truly getting “the work for the hours I’m paying/being billed for.” What accountability measures are/would be in place to ease that concern.

– Not sure of the cost, so no way to figure the return on investment.

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